The Hudsucker Playoff: College football as montage

The Hudsucker Playoff: College football as montage
by Bryan Harvey

The Piedmont Journal of Poetry & Fiction

The Piedmont Journal of Poetry & Fiction
by B. Harvey

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Over @BallerBall

December 20, 2014

Over at ESPN's True Hoop affiliate The Baller Ball I shared an interview between ole Jimmy Lipton and Christopher Bosh. It was fun.

Poet in the Post: Dylan Thomas laments Amar'e Stoudemire & the New York Knicks

December 8, 2014

At halftime of their game against Cleveland last week, Charles Barkley felt the Knicks were so historically bad—and they are—that the occasion called for making up words to describe their offense. Instead of triangle he went with blu-blu, or something like that. The thing was, at the time, the Knicks were actually winning. They would go onto lose—and they’ve lost twice since—but at the time not all seemed lost. What makes the Knicks sense of badness so horrendous, however, is that this current group of players really hasn’t been anywhere of note, so this cannot be described as a decline. Furthermore, they’re not young enough for this time spent struggling to be taken as some painful crucible for the league’s future zeitgeist. They are, besides the occasional flair of wasted talent and unconceived talent, awful. 

The Hudsucker Playoff

December 6, 2014

Everything in college football's long, illustrious history has moved towards this day, this day and a playoff. The season, and all the seasons before it, have worked like one wide establishing shot, moving through time, tightening and tightening onto this moment of selection. It has looked something like this:

Recent Rumblings: @TheClassical, @TheBallerBall, & @RushtheCourt

While Langston took care of last Saturday's SEC post, our blog's been reduced to a weekly football caption over the last month. However, that doesn't mean we haven't been writing elsewhere recently. Check out the links below, and we promise to diversify our portfolio here in the coming days (especially now that basketball is truly upon us).

Just make me look good guys, and I promise to give you all the credit. 

SEC Week 14

November 29, 2014

Rivalry week is here. Well, it actually started on Thursday with LSU beating Texas A&M and continued yesterday with Arkansas losing to the new power from the East, Mizzou. But anyways, let's start with the SEC-ACC Challenge and make our way to the two games everyone is waiting for.

South Carolina v Clemson
The Gamecocks try to extend their streak to six over the Tigers in (the other) Death Valley against the top rated defense in the country. Deshaun Watson is back for the best ACC team outside of Florida, making this a much tougher game for SC. Take the home team by 10.

Georgia Tech v Georgia
The combined 18-4 record for the schools is the best in this series since 1966. This clean, old fashioned hate game has changed quite a bit since Dooley and Dodd were patrolling the sidelines, but the hate remains. GT's option offense has been unstoppable, but UGA has been playing its best ball of the season. And though they won't have their bell cow, Todd Gurley, handling the rock, Nick Chubb is about as good of a back as you can ask for. I like the Dawgs by 7. And you should too; last season a 20 point lead wasn't enough for GT to win this game.

Kentucky v Louisville
Since basketball season has started, UK's defense has given up 56 points per game. Calipari's team has only given up more than 56 points once this season in their 6 wins. The Cats faithful have moved on to basketball season, and, apparently, so too has their defense. Louisville wins easily.

Florida v Florida State
Everyone is rooting for Muschamp and his Gators to win this, right? But what's more likely: the Seminoles go through the motions for the first 3 1/2 quarters to wake up and win on their final drive. FSU by 3.

Tennessee v Vanderbilt
All week long Derek Mason, the Commodore head coach, has refused to say Tennessee. Instead, he continually refers to them as the "Team out East". This isn't Michigan-Ohio State, Derek. And you don't have a chance in this one. Tennessee will remind Vandy and all their fans of their place in the state. They don't call it the Volunteer state for nothing. Vols by a lot.

Mississippi State v Ole Miss
Just a few weeks ago this seemed like it would decide the SEC Championship. Now that the Bulldogs need an Auburn win to get in and the Rebels are reeling (losing three straight in the SEC), the Egg Bowl has lost a little luster. Still, this is the most important one in a long time and is a must watch game. I like State to win, but I think the Rebs remind us why they were ranked third at one point. State by 3.

Auburn v Alabama
This game has the chance to be either dismal or amazing. If the Iron Bowl is as good as last year's, the edge goes to Auburn. In their two wins over the last four games in the series, they've won by 1 and 6 points respectively. If the game is a blowout, it means Bama wins handily. In their two wins over the last four games in the series, they've won by 49 and 28 respectively. I'll give the edge to the Crimson Tide. While they aren't as dominant as Tide teams of recent memory, their defense is still the best in the country. They are stout enough to allow their offense time to find a groove. Something I'm not sure the Tigers will be able to do. They will need to be at the top of their game to win this and maybe have a miracle or two to extend their Iron Bowl streak to two. Alabama by 13.

SEC Week 13

November 22, 2014

Seriously, this is what runs the SEC East?
The last week or so has been busy for both Langston and I. He did last week's previews. I did the week before. We're doing our best to create an LCB renaissance, but we also have jobs, tailgating, and grad. classes that, at times, make for some rather lackadaisical blogging.

Anyway, this week's SEC schedule is rather light, so this should take too long and life will roll on as it always does.


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