A reflection on Chazelle's 'Whiplash'

A reflection on Chazelle's 'Whiplash'
by B. Harvey

ODU Basketball, a year on the bubble

ODU Basketball, a year on the bubble
by M. Langston

Duke's NCAA Tournament: Icarus flew

Duke's NCAA Tournament: Icarus flew
by A. Duda

Joon-ho Bong's 'Snowpiercer'

Joon-ho Bong's 'Snowpiercer'
by B. Harvey

Draft Decisions: On JP, Justin, and a Culture Where College Players Can't Win

April 20, 2015

Brendan Brody reflects on some of this year's early departures from college basketball to the NBA:

In perusing NBADraft.net, Facebook accounts, and media tweets, everyone likes to make their opinions known on who is making a good decision and who isn't when it comes to entering the NBA draft. I used to be guilty of this judgmental activity, as I became a little kid having a temper tantrum any time someone from UNC had the audacity to try and make basketball a professional enterprise without first earning a degree. This angst was based on a very selfish ideal. I am an unabashed college basketball fan who only pays attention to the NBA once the playoffs start. Yet I've had a recent epiphany. And I'm coming to grips with my old selfish ways.

The 2015 NBA Playoffs start today:

April 18, 2015

I woke up this morning singing like a little kid. My lyrics went something like: "It's the Playoffs. There's a payoff. It sounds like Superman. But it's Tim Duncan man. He's coming to dunk all over your town!" Then I quickly made fun of Blake Griffin for being a sissy. It made no sense. It was awful. My wife wished she was deaf. I don't care. I'm excited. This is my favorite sporting event. I love the games. I love the TNT ad slogans and Hollywood-NBA mash-up ad campaigns. I love the rampant Twitter feeds. I love the weaving and unraveling of narratives. I love it all. For in my mind, it's as otherworldly as two mythic beasts colliding in epic fashion on the big screen:

Washington @ Toronto (12:30 Saturday)

End of Watch revisited: What's a cop in a world full of anti-heroes?

April 16, 2015

Other film reviews by Bryan Harvey can be found here. What follows is a reflection on End of Watch (2012) in respect to the ongoing crisis between the police and U.S. citizens. It’s also a thank you:

One of my earliest film memories is of the time when my parents allowed my sister and me to watch George Roy Hill’s Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) on VHS. The frozen image of the two title characters running, guns drawn, to meet their deaths is, if not an image I was biologically crafted to like, then an image that crafted my taste in films from that moment forward. I could not understand how these two outlaw heroes could not simply blast their way towards survival.  How could they not be Han Solo and Luke Skywalker? How could they not beat the odds? The image both disturbed and haunted me. The image became something by which to judge the merits of other films.

NBA MVP Links: Stephen Curry & Anthony Davis

March 27, 2015

This week, I've been keeping late nights reading and writing and grading. Okay, mostly I've just been grading. Anyway, here are some links to some recent pieces I've done over at ESPN TrueHoop's BallerBall on the MVP debate:

In hindsight, the 2009 NBA Draft is full of what if moments. Going into the night, everyone knew Blake Griffin would be selected number one overall by the Clippers. The number two pick was Hasheem Thabeet, chosen by the Memphis Grizz. Then the Thunder chose James Harden. The King picked Tyreke Evans. For the most part, all of these picks made sense at the time, although Memphis whiffed terribly on the Thabeet pick. (Imagine what a Grizz triumvirate of Z-Bo, Marc Gasol, and Harden could have accomplished.) And then there's what Minnesota did, which was inexplicable at the time and has become even more so. The Timberwolves front office, led by David Khan, selected not one but two point guards ahead of Stephen Curry. First, the team took Ricky Rubio. Second, the team selected Jonny Flynn. Golden State then snatched up Stephen Curry. And, if not for Harden, then the best player of the 2009 Draft class would undeniably be the little guard that could from Davidson.

Duke in the NCAA Tournament: A fan's bracing himself for the inevitable landing

March 21, 2015

Aisander Duda wrote this. He’s been here many times before. Somehow someway this post is about the mixed feelings of optimism and pessimism that surface at the start of any NCAA Tournament run:

"So, let me get this straight. You're saying we're not losing to Robert Morris? That I can just 'chill' for the next couple of hours while the illusion of a basketball game takes place? One more thing, are these wings real or not?" 

On Sunday evening, Icarus awoke. He first tried moving his arms and then his legs, but his whole body felt stiff and unable to easily rise from the surface of his bed. His head ached terribly, and his eyes were blurry and unfocused. As he regained some sense of the past 48 hours, it dawned on him why it was so difficult to move. 

ODU Basketball, A Year On The Bubble

March 18, 2015

Michael Langston reflects on they physics of ODU's basketball season and looks forward to the Monarchs' upcoming appearance in the NIT:

The Old Dominion Monarchs, the basketball team of my alma mater, will play Charleston Southern Wednesday in the NIT. They earned that bid by being named one of the first four out by the committee on Selection Sunday. So begins a season's denouement.

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