A reflection on Chazelle's 'Whiplash'

A reflection on Chazelle's 'Whiplash'
by B. Harvey

ODU Basketball, a year on the bubble

ODU Basketball, a year on the bubble
by M. Langston

Number of the Day: Kyrie Irving's 57

Number of the Day: Kyrie Irving's 57
by B. Harvey

Raising a son who knows Dean Smith

Raising a son who knows Dean Smith
by Brittany Harvey

NBA MVP Links: Stephen Curry & Anthony Davis

March 27, 2015

This week, I've been keeping late nights reading and writing and grading. Okay, mostly I've just been grading. Anyway, here are some links to some recent pieces I've done over at ESPN TrueHoop's BallerBall on the MVP debate:

In hindsight, the 2009 NBA Draft is full of what if moments. Going into the night, everyone knew Blake Griffin would be selected number one overall by the Clippers. The number two pick was Hasheem Thabeet, chosen by the Memphis Grizz. Then the Thunder chose James Harden. The King picked Tyreke Evans. For the most part, all of these picks made sense at the time, although Memphis whiffed terribly on the Thabeet pick. (Imagine what a Grizz triumvirate of Z-Bo, Marc Gasol, and Harden could have accomplished.) And then there's what Minnesota did, which was inexplicable at the time and has become even more so. The Timberwolves front office, led by David Khan, selected not one but two point guards ahead of Stephen Curry. First, the team took Ricky Rubio. Second, the team selected Jonny Flynn. Golden State then snatched up Stephen Curry. And, if not for Harden, then the best player of the 2009 Draft class would undeniably be the little guard that could from Davidson.

Duke in the NCAA Tournament: A fan's bracing himself for the inevitable landing

March 21, 2015

Aisander Duda wrote this. He’s been here many times before. Somehow someway this post is about the mixed feelings of optimism and pessimism that surface at the start of any NCAA Tournament run:

"So, let me get this straight. You're saying we're not losing to Robert Morris? That I can just 'chill' for the next couple of hours while the illusion of a basketball game takes place? One more thing, are these wings real or not?" 

On Sunday evening, Icarus awoke. He first tried moving his arms and then his legs, but his whole body felt stiff and unable to easily rise from the surface of his bed. His head ached terribly, and his eyes were blurry and unfocused. As he regained some sense of the past 48 hours, it dawned on him why it was so difficult to move. 

ODU Basketball, A Year On The Bubble

March 18, 2015

Michael Langston reflects on they physics of ODU's basketball season and looks forward to the Monarchs' upcoming appearance in the NIT:

The Old Dominion Monarchs, the basketball team of my alma mater, will play Charleston Southern Wednesday in the NIT. They earned that bid by being named one of the first four out by the committee on Selection Sunday. So begins a season's denouement.

Gut Reaction to Selection Sunday: Duke Edition

March 17, 2015

Unlike our UK reaction, this one is from an actual fan of the team. Here's Russell Morris on Duke's NCAA tourney chances :

Jahlil Okafor looks deep into the committee's eyes and says, "Thank you, we didn't win anything."
After an uninspiring performance against Notre Dame on Friday night, I wasn’t sure if Duke was still going to be a one seed. Based on whom they beat and where, nobody had better wins, Kentucky included, but with not winning the ACC regular season or conference tournament, I thought a two seed was coming. In 2013, they had a one seed resume, but ended up as a two seed in eventual champion Louisville’s bracket. The team eventually lost to the Cardinals in the Elite Eight that year. With that in mind, as long as we weren’t in Kentucky’s region, I would be happy. As ESPN revealed the bracket, I was surprised and ecstatic. Not only was Duke a one seed, but they have the weakest bracket of the four regions. Duke fans couldn’t have asked for a better set up for a deep run.

A reflection on James Marsh's 'The Theory of Everything'

Stephen Hawking is like the WAY smarter Mr. Darcy. 
There’s an AP prompt we give to the students almost every year. The excerpt the prompt asks the students to analyze is from John M. Barry’s The Great Influenza. In the passage Barry makes a comparison between scientists and explorers of the American frontier. James Marsh’s The Theory of Everything reminded me of this prompt.

Gut Reaction to Selection Sunday: Kentucky Edition

March 15, 2015

From the perspective of a UK fan:

Possibly the most shocking event in UK's quest to repeat will turn out to be the moment between these two.

Well, I was disappointed to see the committee didn't give my Wildcats byes all the way through to the championship game like they deserve. Still, I can't complain about not having to play anyone until the round of eight. All in all, this gives me more time to Google pictures of Ashley Judd. I think given another fourteen days or so I can find one that's at the perfect angle for photoshopping my face in place of Dickie V's, although I believe doing so might be a more difficult task than the Harrison twins repeating. Do you think Karl-Anthony Towns gets to kiss Ashley Judd? What about Wynonna? He's had to have kissed Wynonna, right? Seriously, Dickie V, wow, I always thought it would be Coach K.

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