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Is Dallas' new stadium cursed?

June 15, 2008

The Cowboys are currently constructing a brand new billion dollar stadium, and apparently the building site may not be safe be on a mission to destroy. Three days ago a crane accident occured and three construction workers had to be hospitalized. On Saturday the bad news piled up:

An electrician working at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium died Saturday when he touched a high-voltage line, the second serious accident at the construction site in less than a week.

The man was standing on a ladder and performing an electrical test when he touched the power line, said Neal Strasser, a battalion chief with the Arlington Fire Department.

The man became wedged between the ladder and the stadium wall. A co-worker carried him to the ground and tried to revive him, Strasser said.

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Web site identified the man as Timothy Mackinnon, 45, of Arlington. He worked for JMEG Electric, a subcontractor hired by the stadium's general contractor, Manhattan Construction.

Those incidents are the latest in a long line of terrible things to happen at the $1 Billion retractable-roof stadium that has been under construction for two years and is scheduled to open for the 2009 season and host the 2011 Super Bowl.

There have been at least two other accidents at the stadium site that left workers hospitalized.

In August, a crane hook hit a worker in the back. He was sent to the hospital and released the next day. In January 2007, a stadium worker fell 20 feet through a hole between stadium levels. He was hospitalized in critical condition but recovered and later returned to work.
I do not know squat about the construction industry, but I do know that if you have that many accidents in such a short period of time, something is obviously amiss. The workers at this site either don't have enough training or the Cowboys are letting Nate Newton and Michael Irvin hang out with the construction crew. Maybe they should just call Mr. Walter Fielding Jr.


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