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Read Everything That Dunks Must Converge
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LCB Power Rankings: Week 13

November 25, 2008

So far this season the Detroit Lions haven't given their fans much to cheer for or to be excited about. The Lions are 0-11 and are on the verge of becoming the first winless team since the Tampa Bay Bucaneers did it in 1976. The Lions are victims of horrifying personnel moves by former GM Matt Millen, and it shows. At times it seems most of the team has no fight and seems to just lay down against opponents.

However on a team with so much going wrong there is one big bright spot. That lone star who is shining from the gutter is wide receiver Calvin Johnson. After a decent rookie year the 6'5 wide receiver from Georgia Tech is finding his stride. He is currently fifth in the league in receiving yards with 905, second in the league in touchdown receptions with 8, and is in the top thirty in receptions with 45. Most second year players go through a sophomore slump, but not Johnson. He is meeting and surpassing the standards set by being a first round pick, which is quite an oddity for wide receivers in Detroit. His amazing play, gave the Lions front office enough confidence to trade away Roy Williams. Making them comfortable enough to say good bye to one of their best offensive weapons. Its seems as if Johnson is a lock for the Pro Bowl, in what is sure to be the first of many.

So on Thanksgiving when your full and contemplating taking a nap over watching the Titans-Lions game, I suggest you tune in and marvel in the talents of this young man from Georgia.

1: (2) Giants 10-1-0
2: (1) Titans 10-1-0
3: (7) Jets 8-3-0
4: (4) Steelers 8-3-0
5: (3) Panthers 8-3-0
6: (5) Buccaneers 8-3-0
7: (6) Cardinals 7-4-0
8: (8) Falcons 7-4-0
9: (9) Ravens 7-4-0
10:(10) Patriots 7-4-0
11:(12) Cowboys 7-4-0
12:(13) Colts 7-4-0
13:(14) Redskins 7-4-0
14:(15) Dolphins 6-5-0
15:(18) Bills 6-5-0
16:(19) Bears 6-5-0
17:(20) Vikings 6-5-0
18:(21) Saints 6-5-0
19:(11) Broncos 6-5-0
20:(17) Packers 5-6-0
21:(16) Eagles 5-5-1
22:(25) Texans 4-7-0
23:(22) Browns 4-7-0
24:(23) Chargers 4-7-0
25:(24) Jaguars 4-7-0
26:(26) 49ers 3-8-0
27:(28) Raiders 3-8-0
28:(27) Seahawks 2-9-0
29:(29) Rams 2-9-0
30:(31) Bengals 1-9-1
31:(30) Chiefs 1-10-0
32:(32) Lions 0-11-0


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