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LCB NFL Power Rankings: Week 15

December 12, 2008

The San Francisco 49ers have had a lot of issues throughout the 2008 season, they entered the season with hopes of a playoff chase and the weight of their coach’s fate on their shoulders. They started out with a dreadful 2-5 record and their dapper head coach was ousted. In steps Mike Singletary, the former monster of the midway started off his interim duties by squabbling with Vernon Davis and dropping trout during a halftime speech. But in recent weeks the Niners have played inspired football, winning three of their last four games. Setting them apart from the other cellar dwellers of the NFC West and supplanting them as the best of the bay area (Though the Raiders don't set the bar too high).

Presently the former heart of Chicago's defense should be planning on sending fantastic Christmas gifts to his defense, J.T. O'Sullivan, and Frank Gore. The latter has been the heart of the offense throughout the season. He currently leads the team with 8 total (6 rushing, 2 receiving) touchdowns. Gore is fifth in the NFL with 1,345 yards from scrimmage and only needs 22 yards to break the 1,000 yard mark for rushing, which would make it the third season in a row that he has reached the 1,000 yard milestone. He has become Martz number one option, and is consistently carrying this team on his back.

Singletary has been given the opportunity to win or lose the job and has three more games to make it an easy or difficult decision. With the remaing games on the schedule including trips to Miami and St. Louis, and home against the Redskins; the road to a head coaching job for Singletary is a tough one. But if he can he lead the team to win 2 out of the next 3, there should be no question who will be the leading the team from San Francisco in 2009.

1: (2) Titans 12-1-0
2: (1) Giants 11-2-0
3: (3) Steelers 10-3-0
4: (4) Panthers 10-3-0
5: (5) Buccaneers 9-4-0
6: (8) Ravens 9-4-0
7:(10) Colts 9-4-0
8: (11) Cardinals 8-5-0
9:(12) Patriots 8-5-0
10: (6) Jets 8-5-0
11: (7) Falcons 8-5-0
12: (9) Cowboys 8-5-0
13:(14) Dolphins 8-5-0
14:(15) Vikings 8-5-0
15:(16) Broncos 8-5-0
16:(18) Bears 8-6-0
17:(20) Eagles 7-5-1
18:(13) Redskins 7-6-0
19:(19) Saints 7-7-0
20:(22) Texans 6-7-0
21:(17) Bills 6-7-0
22:(21) Packers 5-8-0
23:(24) Chargers 5-8-0
24:(26) 49ers 5-8-0
25:(23) Browns 4-9-0
26:(25) Jaguars 4-9-0
27:(27) Raiders 3-10-0
28:(28) Seahawks 2-11-0
29:(29) Rams 2-11-0
30:(31) Chiefs 2-11-0
31:(30) Bengals 1-11-1
32:(32) Lions 0-13-0

We would like to give you the opportunity to tell us which player should be featured in next weeks Power Ranking. So if you have a player you want to see in one of our original photos, just let us know in the comment section.


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