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MLB 2010 Trade Deadline Recap

August 2, 2010

To celebrate the passing of the trade deadline, the staff at LCB HQ decided to collaborate and give you our thoughts on all the biggest trades in a couple sentences or less. The results are, as always, after the jump.
July 25th
The Angels land Dan Haren
Langston: The Angels get a huge upgrade thanks to the fire sale in Arizona. Haren gives them another arm to help them slow down the mashers in Texas. I don't think it's enough, but it's a good trade for L.A. nonetheless.
Russ: Dbacks just gave away their best pitcher for no reason other than to shed payroll and by all accounts received a pathetic haul in return.  Great news if you're an NL West team having to play the Dbacks down the stretch (Giants end the season at home against Arizona).

July 28th
The Dodgers get Scott Podsednik
Langston: This trade fills a lot of holes for L.A.; leadoff man, an every-day replacement, and gives them another threat on the base-paths. Essentially, he's a slower Juan Pierre with a better bat and arm. But most importantly, he fills the void of "playmate spouse" that has been left unoccupied since Brett Tomko left in the 2007 season.
Russ: Good move for both teams.  L.A. needed some OF depth with Manny Ramirez being on the DL, since he's been on the shelf three times this season with no idea if he can be counted on down the stretch.  Pods can become a cheaper version of Juan Pierre.  The Royals get two decent prospects in return for someone who wasn't in their future plans. Who knows if those future plans involve winning.

July 29th
The Phillies sweep up Roy Oswalt
Langston: Everyone is raining praise on Philly for this trade. But had they never traded Cliff Lee, this wouldn't have been necessary and they'd also still have J.A. Happ.
Russ: Why didn't they just keep Cliff Lee?

Miguel Tejada gets sent to the Padres
Langston: The Pads get a veteran that adds power and playoff experience to a team lacking both. But if he's playing short (career UZR/150 of -3.6 and over the past three years of -7.3), he'll be hurting them more defensively than he adds offensively.
Russ: Since this is the 36 year old post-steroid era Tejada, and his defense is terrible at both short and 3rd, I don't give this move one worry as a Giants fan.

Matt Capps is moved to the Twins
Langston: This is a fantastic trade for the Nationals. It gives them a great catching prospect in Wilson Ramos, that allows them to move Bryce Harper to the outfield.Well, once if they sign him.
Russ: Another trade that was great for both teams.  Nationals get a great catching prospect in Ramos that strengthens their future chances. Twins get an All-Star reliever that immediately becomes their closer down the stretch run and Ramos was expendable since Joe Mauer will be a Twin for life.

July 30th
Edwin Jackson gets moved, again
Langston: Great move, Chicago. You add a guy you don't really want just to pull off a trade that you failed to complete.
Russ:  White Sox give up their best pitching prospect Daniel Hudson in attempt to get Adam Dunn, and couldn't pull it off.  Biggest failure of the trading deadline.

July 31st
The Yankees acquire Lance Berkman, Kerry Wood
Langston: Much like the Phillies, the Yankees are forced to pull-off a trade because of their inability to use foresight in the off-season. Had they resigned Hideki Matsui to play DH, Berkman is probably in Colorado and the Yankees still have Mark Melancon and Jimmy Paredes.
Russ: Just some touch-up paint needed for the Ferrari. Berkman fills a hole at DH and they also get a guy who has been clutch in the postseason, batting .321.  Kerry Wood adds another arm in the bullpen and a potential set up man for Rivera.

The Dodgers pick up Lilly, Theriot
Langston: Ned continues his annual tradition of sending out top-prospects with years left on their deals for veterans over 30 with only a couple months left on theirs. Makes the team better in the short-term, worse in the long.
Russ: Desperation move by the Dodgers and they didn't get much out of this deal.

The Cardinals grab Westbrook, the Pads nab Ludwick
Langston: For the Cardinals, I don't really understand this one. They're adding a pitcher who is at best a fourth starter, while sending one of their most consistent bats to a team that they will have to face in the playoffs. It seems as if they gave away more than they added.
Russ: As a Giants fan, I hate that Ludwick went to the Padres, as that is the exact type of player I wish the Giants could have traded for at the deadline.  An outfielder with some power that will see some pitches right next to Adrian Gonzalez, a great haul by the Padres.


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