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LCB NFL Power Rankings: Week 16

December 16, 2008

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Statistically Drew Brees is having an MVP caliber season. Thanks to his leadership, Kurt Warner is having an MVP caliber season. Favre has turned the Jets into a contender and in turn is having an MVP caliber season. Albert Haynesworth is the leader of the defense on the NFL's last team to lose, making it an MVP caliber season for the face stomper. Adrian Peterson has been carrying the Vikings for the entire season and is putting up ridiculous numbers, giving him an MVP caliber season.

However the Saints won't make the playoffs. The Cardinals and Jets are fading late in the season and are looking at first round exits. Haynesworth will miss the last two games. The Vikings with games against the Falcons and Giants its a possibility that they will miss out on the playoffs. So scratch them all off the list as possible winners of the award. Who does that leave us with? Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning entered the season still recovering from two off eason knee surgeries, and while he was getting back in the flow the Colts stumbled out the gate to a 3-4 record. After week 8, the Colts looked like a long shot to make the playoffs. With games against the Patriots, Steelers, and Titans how would they ever get back into the playoff race? From there on Peyton took over, helping lead the team to seven straight wins. His statistics are not out of this world, yet he ranks consistently in the top five in all relevant QB categories and he leads his team to victories week in and out.

The most telling thing for Peytons candidacy; if the Colts win out (@JAC, TEN) and the Titans lose out (Pit, @ IND), they would tie the team that didn't lose until week 12 for the division lead. So for this important yet meaningless award, if I had a vote, I would cast it for number eighteen. Although if the Vikings win out and Peterson puts up big numbers (he is only 419 yards from 2000), Purple Jesus will deserve and most likely get the award. Who are you casting your imaginary vote for?

1: (3) Steelers 11-3-0
2: (4) Panthers 11-3-0
3: (7) Colts 10-4-0
4: (1) Titans 12-2-0
5: (2) Giants 11-3-0
6: (6) Ravens 9-5-0
7: (5) Buccaneers 9-5-0
8: (9) Patriots 9-5-0
9: (11) Falcons 9-5-0
10: (12) Cowboys 9-5-0
11: (10) Jets 9-5-0
12: (13) Dolphins 9-5-0
13: (14) Vikings 9-5-0
14: (17) Eagles 8-5-1
15: (8) Cardinals 8-6-0
16: (16) Bears 8-6-0
17: (15) Broncos 8-6-0
18: (20) Texans 7-7-0
19: (18) Redskins 7-7-0
20: (19) Saints 7-7-0
21: (23) Chargers 6-8-0
22: (21) Bills 6-8-0
23: (22) Packers 5-9-0
24: (24) 49ers 5-9-0
25: (25) Browns 4-10-0
26: (26) Jaguars 4-10-0
27: (28) Seahawks 3-11-0
28: (27) Raiders 3-11-0
29: (31) Bengals 2-11-1
30: (29) Rams 2-12-0
31: (30) Chiefs 2-12-0
32: (32) Lions 0-14-0


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