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LCB SEC Picks: Games Of The Week

November 6, 2010

(6) Alabama v (10) LSU @ 3:30 on CBS
Teach:These teams don't like each other, but what they may both share is a hatred for Auburn.  Auburn is currently undefeated and poised to win the SEC West; however, Auburn's whole season now lies in the shadows of how they recruited Cam Newton, which makes this game something more than a battle over Nick Saban's reputation as either a devil or an angel: these two teams are now playing for the right to say, "It should have been us.  It would have been us."

Auburn has already beaten LSU and still has to play Alabama, but that game against Alabama will be directly affected by the outcome of today's matchup between the Crimson Tide and the Tigers.  If the Tide rolls today, then they keep alive their own national title hopes and the Iron Bowl will take on the nuances of being a play-in game for the national title.  If LSU wins today, then LSU will be faced with the precarious dilemma, as they watch the Iron Bowl, of deciding what matters more to them: love for their Tigers or hatred for the coach who spurned them.

But, before all that can happen, today must pass, and I don't see how LSU pulls out the victory against Alabama.  The Tide has too many weapons, while the Tigers have none (other than Stevan Ridley and his 4.8 ypc), and the LSU defense is likely to be on the field much too long to continually stop the Alabama's four horsemen: Greg McElroy, Julio Jones, Mark Ingram, and Trent Richardson.  Alabama wins 20-10.

Langston: Life sometimes has a funny way of shifting in the exact opposite direction you expected. Three weeks ago, my self and my fiancee (aka The LCG) adopted a beagle from the Virginia Beach pound. Out of probably 20 to 25 dogs, he was the only one without crap all over the floor in his kennel, the only one to be relaxed, and the only one who fit our apartment communities' strict guidelines over pet size and breed; he was destined to be our new roommate. The first couple of days were considerably smooth; we learned that even at his young age (1 year) he had been house trained, he gets along with other dogs and people of all shapes and sizes, and he's a quick learner (Trained to sit, lay down, come, crawl, and go to his cage on command within a matter of days).

However, it was two weeks after when we learned that he may be psychotic. Thanks to my working from home and our overlapping class/work schedules, the LCG and myself had yet to leave him home alone. Confident that our dog with all of his brilliance would easily be able to deal for a half hour as we went grocery shopping, we put him in his cage and went off. We came home to a surprise. The cage was in shambles, the blinds were torn down, and he was acting as if we had just saved him from some sort of national disaster; scared yet joyous upon our return. We cleaned up as best we could and wondered what we had got ourselves into. Now this doesn't really have anything to do with football, but I can imagine LSU fans feel this way every time the game comes down to the wire. For the first three quarters, everything is perfect and then Les Miles loses his mind, breaks out of the cage and just pulls everything he's built down into a trash heap. While we have the ability to work with our dog and train him to realize that we will indeed be back; LSU fans aren't so lucky. Les is Les, and clock management will make LSU fans wish they went with a different breed. Alabama 34, LSU 27. Continuing Bama fans' prayers that Cam gets booted, Auburn gets probation and their waning hopes for a return to the National Title game.

(18) Arkansas v (19) South Carolina @ 7:00 on ESPN
While I have doubted Ryan Mallett's ability to win big games, I think it can happen against South Carolina, and my reasoning may have more to do with the Gamecocks than the Razorback quarterback.  It seems unnatural that South Carolina would win the SEC East. It seems unnatural that they would play in the SEC title game.  Maybe it's because this team hasn't finished seasons well in the past. Maybe it's because their mascot is a flightless bird.  Maybe it's because I would like to view Spurrier's time in Columbia as his football purgatory. Regardless, my gut feeling is that the Gamecocks will be looking ahead to Florida, especially since that's the game they have to win, seeing as how they could still make the SEC Championship Game with a loss tonight and a win next week against the Gators. Meanwhile, this game means everything to Arkansas, who will most certainly need to win this game if they are to finish as high as second in the SEC West and go to a more desirable Bowl game; after all, what Bowl game is going to pick the Razorbacks over Alabama or LSU? The Razorbacks have to make their case in the standings and on November 27, when they play LSU.  Arkansas wins 35-31, as Ryan Mallett out duels Stephen Garcia.

I really have no idea what to make of either team. Both have extremely talented weapons on the offensive side of the ball, but they also have their flaws. USC has Marcus Lattimore, who is possibly the best back in all of college football. However, Spurrier has games where he forgets just how talented he is and decides to pass down after down, as if Stephen Garcia had turned into Danny Wuerffel. Arkansas biggest strength is their passing game behind QB Ryan Mallett. But with their best receiver, Greg Childs, out for the year and their second leading receiver, Joe Adams, dealing with an ankle injury, who knows how good it can be. I'll take USC, since they actually have a capable defense. USC 41, Arkansas 35.


Teach said...

I really did not expect LSU to beat Bama. I was also hoping for an Iron Bowl that had a national title on the line. That would have been awesome.

November 6, 2010 at 7:24 PM
Langston said...

Me neither. If you couldn't tell from my post, I had no idea LSU could pull out a close one, let alone a game where Les had to actually pull the trigger on something that actually mattered. I blame it on the blade of grass he ate. It obviously was laced with some sort of performance enhancement drug, possibly Four Loco

November 7, 2010 at 1:54 AM
Russ said...

Quite possible now that there is no SEC team in the title game this year. If Auburn loses to Alabama but wins the SEC championship, do they leap frog TCU/Boise? Probably happens but I hope it doesn't.

November 7, 2010 at 12:01 PM

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